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Dangan Ronpa Kirigiri has been confirmed it’s actually Light Novel. (Via 2ch board, including rumor lists)

The light novel were written by Kitayama Takekuni. Kitayama is known as for traditional puzzler mysteries writer. For those curious how Kitayama’s writting trick, it goes like this:

Memento style, with only the descending numbers for the chapter titles to clue you in. It’s not until near the end of the story, chapter 3 or 4, that it obviously stops making narrative sense, and you realize just what an impressive piece of work it is. 

Highly recommended even if you just read this one. Just in case before you read DR Kirigiri’s plot-writing by any chance.

(Note: These bottom information cover by 2ch board, the actual source claim who leak about it. The source has been deleted. Take the grain of salt)

DR Kirigiri focusing Kirigiri’s past before Dangan Ronpa Zero through Dangan Ronpa. It’s has been as canon to DR’s chronology (Claim by 2ch). Here the rumor list as “it’s kinda convenient”:

  • Kirgiri’s SHSL talent hasn’t receive yet in this timeline, because the plot focus her skill how she solve mystery case before SHSL give her “talent of title name”.
  • This however, Kirigiri’s SHSL received in early than the rest of all Dangan Ronpa’s casts. Meaning she get this SHSL talent since childhood after DR Kirgiri end.
  • Kirigiri’s hideous scar on her hand are very important hint. In Dangan Ronpa, she said she got when she was amateur.
  • There is plot brief explanation about Kirigiri’s family generation.
  • Jin Kirigiri confirm appear in this novel.
  • There will be new and cameo characters. (Shota Naegi anyone?)
  • Rumor it release in winter 2013-2014.

There will be a talk show and pre-air screening of the DR Animation 1st episode at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills on June 23rd.

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